Skål (cheers) to successfully completing my first full week of classes! I’m still in constant awe of the natural light. From the sunrise that wakes me up every morning to the sun roof at the gym.  WOW– this place is awesome.

I realize that I haven’t really talked about my classes besides the fact that DIS has chosen the most random spots in the city to situate them. I really have the best possible schedule. I am in class Monday and Thursday from 10 am -4 pm. Most Wednesdays are free except the occasional field study (Wednesday’s are reserved for class study tours whether you have one of not is decided on a week-to-week basis) rarely ever on Tuesday and never Friday. I am taking 5 classes all which give credit to either my COM or SOC major, and instead of boring you all by explaining all my classes ill tell you which ones I am most excited for this semester.

  1. My Core Course – Cross-Cultural Communications – My core class is the basis in which my education at DIS is focused on. I meet with this group the most frequently and will be traveling overnight twice with this group to Sweden and Ireland over the course of the semester.
  2. Designing Communication Campaigns – in this class, we have been broken up into groups and will be collaborating and working with a Danish company on their communication and marketing endeavors. I will be working for the “Pumpe Huest” a bar and 3rd largest concert venue in Denmark. For my Furman people who are following my travels, “Pumpe Huest” literally translates to “The Pump House.” I’m now working for the barn – oh the irony.
  3. Communication Practicum – OK this class is cool. So it’s not a class in a traditional setting, as its primary focus is an internship. The actual class only meets once a month as a formality to discuss the Danish workplace and to make sure we are all doing alright. Instead of class on Tuesday’s, I work as an intern doing strategic event planning, analysis, and marketing associated with the rebranding efforts (more info on this to come in the next edition).

One of my goals for the semester is to not only travel Europe but to explore Denmark. Since most of my weekends for the semester include international travel, I’ve come to realize that best days to seek out new adventures within Denmark will be the Wednesdays I do not have class. I decided to use my first free Wednesday to explore one of the neighboring islands and I got Celia to join me. By Tuesday night, we were settled into our hostel in Børnholm. Børnholm is one of the Danish islands in the Baltic Sea to reach it we bused to Sweden (casual) and then took a ferry from Sweden to the island.

Since it is known as the “Sunshine Island” my priority for this trip was to spend as much time as possible outside since the average temperature in the city is starting to creep down into the low 60’s. Without any real plan, Celia and I managed to navigate the bus system and spent the majority of our day hiking in Helligdomsklipperne ( try pronouncing that name) National Park aka the “Craggy Cliffs” along the coast. Since we got an early start we were also able to visit the Hammershus castle ruins and the famous Østerlars round church. As per any typical Ladouceur trip, I forgot to account for meals so by the time we boarded the ferry at 4 pm to head back we were starving. I really can’t complain about a little hunger since we watched the sunset over Sweden. We had sore bodies, but such full hearts.

In case any of y’all missed it, I took over the Furman Snapchat on Friday for admissions to promote what my ‘typical’ day is like.  You can watch the video HERE. It’s funny my days are SO varied, for example on Friday night we had dinner with the former Danish ambassador to the U.S. who just happens to be Roberts cousin, and Today (Saturday) we decided to visit Møns Klint –these massive limestone cliffs– for a family outing.

I am still in the process of trying to figure out some sort of routine to ground myself into. Some days I feel as if I’ve been here for months, while others I feel as if I am just stepping off the plane for the first time again. I think I have made it past most of the initial culture shock (EXCEPT for the communal gym showers, that will always get me), and I am still trying to navigate the day-to-day life in a homestay. But, I have found comfort in the support system that I have started to build here with new friends and new adventures on the horizon.

hej hej

indtil næste gang


5 Fun Dane Facts/ Observations from this week

  1. Emoji are used a lot and in mass quantities
  2. The salad at our homestay consists of only carrots, raisins, and orange juice
  3. None of the Children go through awkward pre-teen phases they are all beautiful
  4. Some dude named DJ. Alligator is apparently VERY popular
  5.  There is some yellow mayo sauce thing…I don’t really know… but it is at every meal and you are just supposed to put it on everything.




2 thoughts on “Børnholm

  1. Wow! So beautiful! I love your adventures! You are a remarkable journalist. Can’t wait for next week’s adventures❤️


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