Is it too obvious to start this post out by asking everyone to listen to Budapest by George Ezera.. maybe.. well obviously this song was sung countless times and became the anthem for Sarah’s and I weekend spent in Hungary exploring.

Our travel plans for this weekend were up in the air because of last week’s horse accident, but after a week of resting and recovering and a sign-off from the doctor, I was given the go-to travel.  I was — and still am — under the instruction to take things relatively easy and to not engage in behavior/activities that could compromise my head any further.

Recovering with my momma this week was the perfect medicine. Our days consisted of sleeping in until noon, many stops at cafes, and eating our way through Copenhagen. Typical Ladouceur vacations are jam-packed and although I wish I was able to give my mom a busier schedule while she was here, I am so happy that she got to see the city I have come to call home. hello

We tried to plan one big excursion each day so that she was able to see all the famous tourist sites. I was lucky enough to spend her birthday with her where we explored the Glyptoteket (a traditional art museum), the Carlsberg brewing factory, and enjoyed a delicious meal in the meatpacking district. It was all kinds of hygge. Hygge (pronounced ‘hooga’) is a Danish word and encompasses a way of being. It’s the feeling you get when you share in a comfortable and warm atmosphere with the ones you love most, which is the perfect way to express the dinner. For me, the highlight of my mom’s visit was our day trip to The Lousiana Museum of Modern Art. The featured exhibit was Marina Abramović’s  – The Cleaner where her own body and energy as the primary material.. it was pretty freaky, kinda disturbing, and really out there but it was SO COOL.

After Sarah’s Friday classes, we found our way to the airport where our journey began. We were traveling with AirBerlin: the same company that had the unexpected 2hr delay before Lollapalooza. Well, guess what? There was another delay, which forced us to sprint through our connecting airport and run onto the tarmac to make our flight to Budapest.  AND they canceled our return flight and rebooked us which we did not find out until we tried to check in. But, life and traveling are complicated so we rolled with the punches and had an amazing time!

Anyways, we arrived and thrived. Budapest used to be two separate cities: Buda and Pest.  They were merged together and are now one city with the Danube River running through the middle. Don’t worry, we walked from Pest to Buda and back. Both have very different and unique characteristics. Buda is the old city where the architecture is phenomenal and everywhere you look you are among ruins. It is so hilly and more traditional and very much resembles what I thought Eastern Europe would be like it. Pest, however, is the newer and trendier part of the city. It is still beautiful in the sense that all the buildings are restored, yet they have very modern amenities. Pest is where our ** house in Budapest**  (our Airbnb lol) was located and had a magnificent food and bar scene. After getting in a little later than expected on Friday night than expected we went to a 5-star restaurant beside our Airbnb where we had the most boujee three-course meal I’ve ever eaten, watched a proposal, and split a bottle of wine for $30 each. Everything here is oddly cheap and delicious.

Since we really only had one day in the city we spent all of Saturday exploring. Although I am the first one to admit that I love a set schedule and a plan, there is comfort in knowing that we had no schedule and that is was just us two. We slept in until 9 am and had an amazing brunch before we took on the city. In total, we walked 10 miles and saw all of Buda and Pest and everything in between. We used public transportation like the pros we are and only got lost when walking.  Honestly, Budapest kept surprising me. Everything is very odd… like how cheap everything is, how the cars park on the sidewalk, and how we ate life-changing soup from Eat the Street, and then witnessed a social/art movement about how the world is losing human connections.

After a long day of walking, we realized we had a lot of extra cash to spend, because of how cheap everything was! So OBVI Sarah and I headed to another 5-star restaurant for dinner and gelato. Due to some unforeseen circumstances we and I had to leave our Airbnb and checked into ** [Our] Grand Budapest Hotel ** where we spent our last night laughing and recapping our weekend.

Honestly, it is hard to describe how great Budapest was. I spent another amazing weekend exploring and learning alongside my best friend. I keep pinching myself thinking about this experience as a whole. We came and conquered Budapest.

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2 thoughts on “Budapest

  1. Just listened to Budapest by George Ezra! What a cool song and thank you youtube for posting lyrics so now I know he’s know singing “I D V DO” LOL and thanks Lauren Nicole for getting that song stuck in my head! Love you!


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