hälsningar från Stockholm!!!

Each week I find myself falling more and more in love with Copenhagen. I am astounded by its beauty, and I have come to love the boldness and the –slight — harshness of its people. I love relaying on public transportation and the countless cups of caffeine that I find myself consuming every day.  This week has marked my return to classes post-concussion diagnoses. It has been a mentally challenging week and has had its frustrations. But every day I feel stronger.

Wednesday, I had such a fun study tour. For my core course, we were broken up into groups and then assigned a random street in the Nørrebro neighborhood. Nørrebro is centrally located and is defined by its ethnic diversity. Because of this, it’s continually rated as one of the best areas in Copenhagen.

Anyways, the purpose of this study tour was to discover places and cultures that we have never encountered before. We were sent on a ‘picture scavenger hunt’ where we had to find a restaurant and try a new dish, find a grocery store and observe the clientele, and find a shop selling non-Danish items. We stumbled upon this middle eastern restaurant where I had my first Falafel – we later found out that the place we went to is actually rated as one of the best Falafel shops in Denmark – and I surprisingly really liked it. After our scavenger hunt, we met at a café in the Red Square aka “Superklien.” Superklien is a recreation square where many people skateboard but is also a modern living center where over 170 countries are represented from the shops surrounding it, to the imported swings and trees. At the café, we all debriefed about what we found and what we learned about ethnic identity in Denmark.

Friday Sarah and I started our trek to Stockholm. We used the website GOEURO to book our tickets. The tickets said that we left the central station at 2:10 and arrived at 8:30. During the booking process, both of us forgot that Europe is one a 24hr clock and that 2:10 meant 2:10am. Needless to say when we showed up at 2:10pm the train was long gone. But, thankfully many trains run from Central Station to Stockholm, and we arrived in Stockholm around 9pm.

OK, so Stockholm is COOL. It is very different from Mälmo and Lund where we previously visited in Sweden. In some ways, it reminds me of Copenhagen, and in others, it resembles other European countries with hills, long paths, and endless gelato. It definitely has its own character unlink anything I have ever seen before. To start everywhere you go you are bombarded with the colors of blue and yellow, the color of their flag, – Scandinavians and their national pride is something else — from the metro to the construction sites. Sarah and I spent all day walking around the city trying to discover all that we could in the land of IKEA.

We spent the morning shopping in Södermalm the local creative and style hub. We then made our way into the old part of the city where we spent hours getting lost and exploring the narrow cobblestone streets and popping in-and-out of the trendiest stores and cafes. We toured the royal palace, Gamla Stan (the old town), made our way around the canals, explored the metro art, and had drinks at the famous ICE bar. While trying to blend in with the locals, we partook in Fika which roughly translates to “to have coffee.” Now Fika is much more than just simply having coffee, it is something deeply rooted in Swedish society that promotes human interactions and connections between individuals. It is set aside time every day (required in most schools and workplaces) to have quality time with those that you are surrounded is traditionally accompanied by a plethora of sweets. Don’t worry we averaged about 2 Fikas a day.

Since our flight didn’t leave until late in the afternoon, we made our way across the city to the ABBA museum and WE THRIVED. Don’t worry below are two epic music videos we participated in while there. I don’t think I will ever be able to get Mama Mia out of my head and I don’t really know if I want to.

Video 1 :
Video 2:

This trip ends a little differently and a little sadder than most.

Because of the distance from the homestay to DIS. Sarah and I have been in contact with both the housing and safety teams of DIS and have decided to move into the city. Since I still cannot bike, this is the safest option. Unfortunately, they were unable to find housing that placed both of us together, but we are in the city, and that is what matters (and we are only 20 minutes away from each other, so it is no biggie at all). On Friday before we left for Stockholm I transitioned and moved into an apartment in the Mønten Kollegium. A Kollegium is a learning and living community where American students live among Danish students. I share my apartment with Maddie, another DIS student from Dickinson, and we LOVE it. We are in a newly renovated apartment in the heart of Amager (only a 5-minute bus ride from central station). Life is boujee with our heated shower titles and shower rack. Maddie and I have enjoyed decorating and making the apartment ours.

Next weekend starts the first Travel Week of the semester, which means that some core-courses go on a long study tour. My core course travels on the second travel week which means I have a week off of class and guess what…  I have another surprise visitor on the way…

tills nästa gång


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One thought on “Stockholm

  1. Another amazing adventure! I think you and Sarah should become travel guides through Europe! Such beautiful sights with the two beautiful students!


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